KF Partnership aims to support its clients in the preliminary activities of acquisition and disposal of the investment and in the development of valuation strategies.

Activities follow two levels of support depending if the focus is on real estate or on the structuring of a transaction.


- Business plan at property, portfolio and company vehicle or fund level,

- Negotiation support (at legal, financial or counterpart level),

- Support to the buyer’s internal corporate functions,

- Operation project management (relationship with legal, financial, notary, regulatory bodies)


- Technical and commercial due diligence, buyer side or vendor side

- Surveys, regularisations, documental retrieval

- Property and company vehicle evaluation

- Market appraisal, broker opinion

- Technical feasibility studies

Track record

In the following are some of the numerous projects that have seen KF Partnership committed side by side with its customers.

2016 – Restructuring plan of 3 real estate companies undergoing debt restructuring.

2015 – assistance of an SGR in the commercial portfolio analysis and definition of strategic assumptions.

2014 – for an SGR, project management and negotiation assistance for the contribution of a portfolio of 60 buildings for over 600 mixed-use unit with a value of over € 40 million.

2014 – assistance to two private groups for the reorganisation of commercial and residential real estate assets on the contribution to a real estate fund for an AUM of about € 50 million and a third for commercial use on the contribution to a real estate fund for an AUM of about € 40 million.

2012-2014 – assistance to an SGR in the ordered disposal of the real estate area consisting in 4 funds for a NAV of over €200 million.

2012 – assistance to an SGR in the development of a real estate fund focused on NPL properties and subsequent assistance in negotiation and finalization of the contribution of properties for about €40 million.

2012-2016 - due diligence on over 250 properties throughout Italy. Below are some relevant ones for complexity.

2016 – for “Agenzia del Demanio” feasibility study for the transformation of a public building into a hotel and its valuation within a public portfolio.

2016 - for an SGR due diligence of two shopping centres for a total of 20,000 sqm.

2016 – for an SGR due diligence for the purchase of two 4 star hotels in Rome.

2016 – for an SGR due diligence for the purchase of a portfolio of 6 mixed-use buildings in Veneto, Lombardia and Piemonte.

2016 – for a leasing company, due diligence and document retrieval on 11 properties.

2015 – due diligence and evaluation of 39 properties to back guarantee an NPL portfolio.

2015 – on desk due diligence of 160 mixed-used properties for an investment fund.

2014 – evaluation of the real estate portfolio of 3 insurance companies in liquidation for a total of 11 asset.

2014 – for an SGR, due diligence for the purchase of 21 mixed-used buildings.

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