Independent Expert

KF Partnership Valuation Area got stronger in 2020 with the acquisition of Contea Valutazioni and with the parallel entrance of Contea Valutazioni key people in KF Partnership board.
KF Partnership – Contea act as an indipendent evaluator with a deep and consolidated technical expertise thanks to its company history and its professionals. KF Partnership – Contea provide independent evaluations, conducted with consolidated estimation methodologies and the use of national and international standards as a guarantee of transparency and professionalism.
KF Partnership – Contea supports customers with an evaluation service in the different phases of real estate investment, starting from the acquisition phase and passing through management, valorisation and disposal. In particular, in the acquisition/disposal phase, drawing up the Desktop, Driveby and Full reports, possibly also in association with Technical Due Diligence. Under management through statistical or ordinary revaluations of real estate assets through Desktop, Driveby or Full update. In the exploitation phase thanks to feasibility studies and market analysis, strategic asset and/or portfolio analysis.

K & F – Contea boast:
  • Professional independence
  • Experience in national and international contexts
  • Experience in all real estate asset classes
  • Sophisticated evaluation models
  • Availability of own data base based on verified information
  • Deep experience and application of market best practices.
Real Estate Evaluation Services:
  • Valuations of real estate funds as EI
  • Valuations of real estate funds as External Valuer
  • Valuations for depository banks (second opinion)
  • Revaluation assessments (IAS, IFSR)
  • Valuation for insurance purposes (SOLVENCY, IVASS)
  • Mass appraisal of real estate portfolios
  • Feasibility studies
  • Analysis of market
  • Strategic analysis of buildings and portfolio
  • Appraisal reviews
Other Evalation Services:
  • Evaluation of industrial plant and machinery (instrumentation, machinery, energy, equipment)

  • Business Valuation (market value of the economic capital and goodwill of a company, branch or brand)
A great part of the most relevant national and international Companies have chosen the professionalism of our services