KF Partnership is a consulting company focused on technical management and advisory on real estate.

The current structure of the company comes from the contribution of the Real Estate Advisory branch of HCR Equity Partners SrlKnowhow & Future Partnership Srl (“KF Partnership”).
KF Partnership was established in 2003 with a focus on the provision of technical and management services to large real estate portfolio owners, such as industries, retail and real estate funds.
HCR was established in 2006 with the dual aim of providing advisory services both in the area of corporate finance and in real estate, to institutional entities such as banks, asset management companies and investors.
As of April 2014 KF Partnership is Regulated by RICS - Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.
In 2016 KF Partnership began to structure its network of specialized professionals with whom over the years had created a consolidated partnership.
In 2017 KF Partnership decided to concentrate the activities related to Health & Safety in a new entity called «KF Health & Safety» with the aim of enhancing a wealth of knowledge accumulated in the assistance of its customers.

In 2017 KF Partnership obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification
In 2019 KF Partnership opened its office in Rome in the Parioli district.
In 2019 KF Partnership builds up the tender office, which from the beginning operates for itself and for third parties. KF Partnership already won the first important tender in the same year.
In 2020 KF Partnership acquired the entire capital of Contea Valutazioni, founded in 2015 and focused on the activity of Independent Expert. Contea provides valuation services to some of the most prestigious Italian SGR.

In 2021 KF Partnership opened its Board of Directors to the Contea Valutazioni Management.
In 2021 KF Partnership joined Assoimmobiliare.