KF Partnership provides its know-how in the execution of the development project both through Project management best practices and professionals specific support.

KF Partnership’s intervention focuses on the management of the refurbishment of existing properties owned by investors. KF Partnership provides project management for the conduction and control of the project to meet time and cost optimization targets and minimize risks. K& F also provides its own professionals advice for the role of:

- Project Supervisor (Responsabile Lavori (RL)

- Site Manager (Direttore Lavori (DL))

- Safety Coordinator (CSP, CSE)

KF Partnership deals directly with the activities related to permits and construction procedures, relations with public authorities and subsequent administrative procedures at the closing of the intervention.

Track record

Numerous activities have been carried out by KF Partnership in assisting its customers. Here are some.

KF Partnership Ksupports its institutional clients in projects related to buildings or building portions, which are part of real estate property of investment portfolios. Such interventions normally develop over a time period of less than one year, and mainly involve refurbishment of offices or commercial properties. In the last five years the majority part of interventions has focused on large projects such as the redevelopment of the Alitalia office building in Fiumicino.

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