KF Partnership manages real estate investments at their various operating levels of Asset Management, Property Management and Building Management.

The Asset management activities concern the strategic management and development of the portfolio. In this field KF Partnership performs activities such as:

- Feasibility studies to identify the maximum value adding of the asset.

- Relations with public bodies,

- Identification of and negotiation with possible landlords, developers, buyers and agents,

- Relationship with banks,

⁃ Administration of the investment vehicle.


Property Management activities concern the administrative management of the property. KF Partnership activity focuses on:

- Lease contracts administration (billing and credit management),

- Suppliers administration and management, cost control,

⁃ Relationship and coordination of third parties (tax advisory, legal consultants for litigation).


Building Management activity relates to the maintenance of building efficiency (building and systems maintenance) and to its operating performances over time (technological systems conduction, utilities, cleaning, etc), in close relation with users’ needs.

Track record

The following graphs well represent the growth of the management area activities in the last three years

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